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12 Weirdest Anatomical Cakes

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Limbs, Eye Balls, Brains, Guts, Open Cavity with Intestines
Limbs eye balls brains guts open cavity with intestines
Limbs, eye balls, brains, guts, open cavity with intestines – all had red velvet cake one way or the other!

Internal Organs Cake
internal organs cake

This internal organs cake was made for a teen Halloween party. It is a cake with ball in the intestines and red velvet and white cake in the rest.

Bleeding Hearts by Cake
bleeding hearts cakes

These edible bleeding hearts by Cake artist Lily Vanilli are available for people to send to their Valentine this year. They are scarily realistic, but delicious with a red velvet sponge, cream cheese frosting and blackcurrant & cherry ‘blood’. Priced at £7 they are just bigger than a cupcake and come in a cute perspex box tied with a pink or red ribbon and a note if you want to add one. Delivery is charged on top and quoted on order.

Eyeball Cake
Eyeball cake

For the Foot Fetishist
For the foot fetishist

Kidney Transplant Party Cake
kidney transplant

The perfect cake for a kidney transplant party. Who throws this kind of parties anyway?

Lung Cake
Lung cake

intestine cake

nose cake

Thorax Cake
Thorax cake

Sorrenti Abs Cake
Sorrenti's abs cake

This Mike “The Situation” Sorrenti’s abs cake was created to celebrate his birthday.

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